Hesperia Ultima

the western extremity

"Any reasonable, sentient person who looks at Spain, comes to Spain, eats in Spain, drinks in Spain, they’re going to fall in love. Otherwise, there’s something deeply wrong with you."
- Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown

Ava Fermina Fernández Carriedo
Reino de España

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Both work and other duties of the utmost urgency have kept him in their claws to the point he would come back home late, or even on the contrary - would not come back at all, meaning he was away on some company and business related trip he had the utmost hatred for, in all honesty. He would prefer taking some other job rather than being thrown here and there all over the country, what would result in temporarily losing contact with his loved one and family. He was tired. He needed to be recharged as soon as possible. Perhaps his reliable source of positiveness, warmness and affection, by the name of Ava, was able to fix this problem of his just by appearing here and telling him how much has she missed this weary, stupid face of his together with this stupefied expression he’d made upon seeing her at his threshold after so long. Because it has indeed been so long. And communicating via mobiles cannot even compare to physical contact or talk face to face. He wouldn’t accuse himself of craving that, at least not a few years ago. He had changed, quite a lot.

There she was, his happiness personified, the Spanish sunshine as he liked calling her, so lively she would provide the energy to entire city of Oslo for good months. There she was, kissing him once again in weeks, almost seeming like ages. You can guess that it didn’t escape his notice, as Sigurd had returned this endearment quickly before their lips parted. “..I’m so surprised I can’t even find words for that, goodness”, was the first thing to escape his mouth, though he recollected thoughts immediately.

"Gods’ sake, Ava, I’m so happy to have you over right now, I don’t care about the Olympics at the moment." This statement followed a genuine, quite rare for him smile, saved probably for her and her exclusively. "Come on, come in, I’ll get you something to drink, and don’t forget to give me all of your luggage if you have a lot of it, I’ll carry it, you just make yourself at home, okay?"

It pleased her to receive kisses from him as well. She missed those he gave after all and the best she could receive from him in the past months were sent through texts and calls—most of them voicemails on that note. With one more squeeze in that shared hug, Ava finally let go so as to be able to enter the apartment. It was both amusing and touching how Sigurd was almost fussing over her arrival. Then again, if it were the other way around, she’d be doing the same thing, maybe on an even higher level of it to the point of panicking how unready she was. It didn’t matter right now who did it more, though. She just really adored watching Sigurd, especially with a certain kind of expression plastered on his face as he moved about.

Taking her luggage—really, they were just a couple of bags: one large, one smaller in size—she pulled them inside and closed the door behind her. The warmth was very welcome to her body, despite being wrapped up in her jacket. “I’d love some coffee if it’s alright. I don’t know if it’s a natural craving lately or if I’ve been heavily influenced by you in the past year.” She laughed at that. It was true, though. Her consumption of the drink elevated in number, going as far as four a day. Usually she only had one or two. The rest was cocoa. Though Sigurd offered to take care of her luggage, Ava made to open up her handcarry already, making it appear as if she were just checking if all things were still intact. In truth, she was actually carefully pulling out a slightly heavy box wrapped in white, shimmering paper, decorated simply with a blue and red bow on the side. It, of course, flattened unfortunately, which prompted a small curse from Ava. She shushed herself immediately, though, and just fixed it as best as she could. With that action casually done, Ava stood up and went over to where Sigurd was and grinned, continuing the topic left off. “I’m glad enough to know I wasn’t a bother now. Last I checked Norway was among the top medal-takers, anyway.”

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One-pan pasta / recipe

Track: 5 Lolitas
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Lolita



Lana Del Rey - 5 Lolitas (What happens when you layer all four demos and the album version)

This is so sick.

This sounds like it should be a Bond song.


Meet Javier Fernandez (Spain)—Yuzuru’s training mate/friend!


Spain is not a figure skating country like Japan is so Javier had to move away from home at a young age to get decent coaching. In fact, if Javier wins a medal, he will be the first Spaniard to do so in decades in ANY WINTER SPORT.

Since Yuzuru has his Winnie the Pooh, Javier got a Mickey Mouse tissue box cozy.

Here’s a great primer if you want to know more about Javi and Yuzuru’s friendship: http://iridescentglow.livejournal.com/912189.html


Javier Fernández López (ESP)

2013  World Championship Bronze Medalist
2014, 2013 European Champion
2012 Skate Canada Champion
2011 Grand Prix Final Bronze Medalist

ISU World Standing: 3


A headache so strong you can sense Lord Voldemort.


As usual.


Still to this day my favorite comic